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Drasis Automation facilitates the hospitality industry like star hotels, serviced villas/apartments and guest houses, casinos, restaurants, sport bars and night clubs to centrally monitor, manage and control the interior lighting, thermostats, security, digital signage and distributed audio and video throughout the venue. Drasis Automation control devices and systems in the bar, restaurant, lobby, spa and gift shops from a central office thus offering the ultimate in personalized luxury with automated systems in VIP Rooms or Penthouse Suites. Drasis Automation software generates reports to analyze room and device usage, runs remote diagnostics and schedules routine maintenance. Drasis Automation provides the only completely integrated building maintenance service and infrastructure management and control solution.

Recommended solutions for Hospitality:

Access control Solutions – RFID based locking system, Biometric access, face recognition access control etc.,

RFID based hotel lock management system

Security Solutions – All types of intrusion systems like Smoke, Fire, Glass Break, perimeter detections, etc.,

Surveillance Solutions – indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, IP cameras, remote monitoring etc.,

Conference Room Automation – Lighting Automation from ipads, remotes, touch switches, motorization for projectors, theme lightings etc.,

Video conferencing solution for business rooms

Bar lighting solutions

Mood colour for Staff Relaxing Room – multi colour lighing system from remotes, wall touch RBG switches

Full lighting Automation for Management Cabins –¬†Lighting Automation from ipads, remotes, touch switches, motorization for projectors, theme lightings etc.,

Energy Management Occupancy Lighting Solution for Rest Rooms, Discussion Rooms, etc.,

Public Announcement systems for emergency purpose

Relevant videos:

Suite Room Automation –¬†Click here

please contact us with your plans we will suggest you a suitable solutions for an affordable budgets