Digital Door Locks

When it comes to securing your personal property or your business institution, keyless door locks are the ideal solution since they add more precautionary measures compared to traditional security measures. A keyless door lock, as being the name suggests, doesn’t require a key but can be a combination of codes entered for a keypad on the lock and even be accessed using a handheld remote control.

In Drasis there are actually different kinds of keyless door lock designs available. Their designs vary depending on how high the security level is that you desire. For example, if you are planning on installing one in an area where lots of people need access to after that it getting one with a keypad is ideal. A four-digit code is enough to open the door which you can share with others who ought to access to the room. Different Types of Keyless Door Locks

In addition to the keypad type of keyless door lock mentioned above, there exist other types available such as finger print door locks, digital door locks with keys, together with swipe cards.

Finger print door locks are identified as biometric door locks. They function with a tool that reads your fingerprint first before the door unlocks letting you gain access to everyone in the room. Only those whose finger marks are enrolled in the system can obtain the area behind the door. Some biometric door locks even include a keypad for added protection especially in areas that want strict security measures.

As for digital entry locks with keys, perhaps you believe that this is a tad strange for a keyless door lock however, if the electricity/ battery ever gets cut off and you need to get into the room, having the back up key around can help you get in easily. It is additionally a type of two-way security measure where in addition to the code or the fingerprint feedback, you also need to apply a key. Without either one, you cannot gain entry which defeats intruders and burglars alike.

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