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In today’s environment it has become essential that we require access management in both commercial and domestic premises.

This can range from a simple audio door entry system (or entryphone as sometimes referred to), for example installed in a block of flats, or a fully integrated secure access control system controlled via a computer which will restrict unauthorised entry into the building. Access Control Systems can also manage the levels of access for staff and monitor staff activities within the building.

Access Control in the home?The examples above highlight the traditional uses of access control systems, however, the actual uses can be vast. For example, a use that is not often considered is the use of Access Control Systems in Care Homes and domestic premises or households where outside assistance is required to gain entry.

Access Control Systems today have the ability to incorporate video images, so an accurate evaluation can be made before access is granted.

  • Audio door entry (Entryphone)
  • Video door entry
  • Coded keypad entry systems
  • Swipe card and keyfob entry systems
  • Stand alone or computer controlled integrated systems.
  • Disability access
  • And much more.
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