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Smart Homes for everyone: modern, intuitive & affordable!

From simple light control to energy saving systems.


Drasis Automation was founded in 2008. With technical alliances with more than 10 brands globally, we love to make home automation interesting, affordable and accessible for everyone.

Our hope is to democratize home automation by using “open” protocols like Z-Wave, Zigbee, Enocean, Wifi so homeowners are no longer locked into expensive, proprietary systems.

Our Vision for Home Automation

We are a dynamic, innovative and modern company” – You’re not going to find this or anything like it on this page.

Our vision is probably best described using the thoughts we had in the past years that led up to the start of Drasis Automation. Welcome to the world of geeks.

Smart Homes for Everyone

It is the year 2008; NASA are planning the construction of a new space station, in CERN the largest scientific complex ever is put into operation and in Chennai, a group of geeks sit around the table and shake their heads:

  • Why can I not use my smartphone to turn on my AC or control my blinds?
  • Why do control panels for my home cost so much and are worse than my PC?
  • Why do I have to be stuck with X smart home brand for ever?
  • Why can I not upgrade my smart home like my PC?
  • Why is everything so  pricey?

Drasis provides answers

Modern, intuitive & affordable solutions.

We embrace open and standard technologies in home automation.

We pride ourselves on service excellence – high stock availability, fast and reliable delivery, expert and personalised support, superior after sales service and training.

Drasis Automation  will be known in 2020 as one of the leading distributor for the so-called “home automation / smart home” market in India. “Easy to use”, “modern” and “affordable” are the attributes which partners, dealers, system integrators, as well as the end customer will associate with Drasis.


Drasis Automation is an innovative offshoot of city group – U.A.E.

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